The Sense of 'I am'. {183}

Obsession with the body. {255}

The Living Present. {311}

Real World is Beyond the Mind. {389}

What is Born must Die. {435}

Meditation. {493}

The Mind. {529}

The Self Stands Beyond Mind. {609}

Responses of Memory. {743}

Witnessing. {802}

Awareness and Consciousness. {895}

The Person is not Reality. {948}

The Supreme, the Mind and the Body. {1044}

Appearances and the Reality. {1230}

The Jnani. {1377}

Desirelessness, the Highest Bliss. {1495}

The Ever-Present. {1661}

To Know What you Are, Find What you Are Not. {1720}

Reality lies in Objectivity. {1854}

The Supreme is Beyond All. {1964}

Who am I?. {2116}

Life is Love and Love is Life. {2290}

Discrimination leads to Detachment. {2414}

God is the All-doer, the Jnani a Non-doer. {2627}

Hold on to 'I am'. {2790}

Personality, an Obstacle. {2990}

The Beginningless Begins Forever. {3142}

All Suffering is Born of Desire. {3315}

Living is Life's only Purpose. {3448}

You are Free NOW. {3646}

Do not Undervalue Attention. {3766}

Life is the Supreme Guru. {3913}

Everything Happens by Itself. {4084}

Mind is restlessness Itself. {4352}

Greatest Guru is Your Inner Self. {4569}

Killing Hurts the Killer, not the Killed. {4771}

Beyond Pain and Pleasure there is Bliss. {4972}

Spiritual Practice is Will Asserted and Re-asserted. {5187}

By Itself Nothing has Existence. {5401}

Only the Self is Real. {5538}

Develop the Witness Attitude. {5674}

Reality can not be Expressed. {5806}

Ignorance can be Recognised, not Jnana. {5994}

'I am' is True, all else is Inference. {6170}

What Comes and Goes has no Being. {6273}

Awareness of Being is Bliss. {6452}

Watch Your Mind. {6613}

Awareness is Free. {6736}

Mind Causes Insecurity. {7005}

Self-awareness is the Witness. {7136}

Be Indifferent to Pain and Pleasure. {7251}

Being Happy, Making Happy is the Rhythm of Life. {7486}

Desires Fulfilled, Breed More Desires. {7590}

Body and Mind are Symptoms of Ignorance. {7714}

Give up All and You Gain All. {7873}

Consciousness Arising, World Arises. {8051}

Beyond Mind there is no Suffering. {8205}

Perfection, Destiny of All. {8314}

Desire and Fear

Live Facts, not Fancies. {8536}

Matter is Consciousness Itself. {8652}

In the Supreme the Witness Appears. {8848}

Notion of Doership is Bondage. {8991}

Whatever pleases you, Keeps you Back . {9095}

A Quiet Mind is All You Need. {9284}

All Search for Happiness is Misery. {9426}

Experience is not the Real Thing. {9652}

Seek the Source of Consciousness. {9786}

Transiency is Proof of Unreality. {9883}

God is the End of All Desire and Knowledge. {10067}

In Self-awareness you Learn about Yourself. {10277}

What is Pure, Unalloyed, Unattached is Real. {10465}

Death of the Mind is Birth of Wisdom. {10782}

Truth is Here and Now. {11012}

In Peace and Silence you Grow. {11261}

To Know that You do not Know, is True Knowledge. {11431}

'I' and 'Mine' are False Ideas. {11669}

All Knowledge is Ignorance. {11796}

Person, Witness and the Supreme. {11976}

Awareness. {12136}

Root Cause of Fear. {12329}

Absolute Perfection is Here and Now. {12493}

The True Guru. {12698}

Your Goal is Your Guru. {12893}

'I am'

The Unknown is the Home of the Real. {13247}

Keep the Mind Silent and You shall Discover. {13468}

Knowledge by the Mind, is not True Knowledge. {13593}

Progress in Spiritual Life. {13759}

Surrender to Your Own Self. {13877}

Pleasure and Happiness. {14093}

Go Beyond the l-am-the-body Idea. {14211}

Man is not the Doer. {14352}

You are Beyond Space and Time. {14459}

Accept Life as it Comes. {14605}

Abandon Memories and Expectations. {14747}

Mind and the World are not Separate. {14894}

Freedom from Self-identification. {15120}

The Perceived can not be the Perceiver. {15319}

Understanding leads to Freedom. {15533}

Jnani does not Grasp, nor Hold. {15665}


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