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Posted By: billym
Date: Monday, 17 February 2003, 4:09 p.m.


Tom Bearden says that the Russians have been altering our weather for several decades now, and have gotten really good at it. He stated that but for the electromagnetic retaliation by the West, we would have been fried in a total drought. I don't know whether that retaliation is chemtrails, or HAARP, or what. Bearden also says they have now handed off that rather mundane task to a Consortium (Yakuza and Aum Shinrikyo) using some of the older intereferometers. This is called : "messing with mother nature!"

Not that weather engineering could not be done in an very enlightened way, ending all droughts and ending most floods, moving water through the clouds to where it is most needed. We could use such technology to have the best possible weather everywhere if we wanted to. The trouble is "the bad guys got there first" and have made a war out of the whole thing. Reportedly this Consortium made a down payment of $900,000.000 in gold bullion as a down payment on the lease of the intereferometers. Worse yet, Bearden fears that the Consortium then got hold of the secrets of the technology and is now building their own devices on their own in Japan.

Because a scalar interferometer is not a difficult thing to build. It is just two anntennae and a computer. A handyman could make one in his back yard. It is the know-how to make it work that is the key. The knowledge of how to alter the antennae to be able to transmit longitudinal EM waves. The disks of the programs are needed. And one needs the data of the patterns (worked out over the years by the Russians) to be applied to the twin longitudinal wave beams to create the desired effect at the interference zone. Patterns for the orbs and marker beacons. Patterns for giant blast, or for a cold explosion, or patterns for the light to create an aparent object at the distant location, an object where there is no object. And you need the aiming software which uses the Russian Woodpecker grid to aim the effects of the longitudinal beams to a precise point on earth, underground, or in the sky.

So our North American weather is now courtesy of the Consortium, under the direction of the KGB. That is one rogue group that has these things. Then there is the bunch I guess you can call the Bush Cabal, with Poppy Bush and the ex-CIA guys in super-secret black budgets, Area 51, Majestic-12, who knows who or what they are, they probably have a version of these new superweapons and are probably itching to try them out in Iraq. Using Iraq as a testing ground for ever more amazing weapons!

Then we know China has them, Bearden says Brazil does as well, which seems odd somehow. And we can be almost certain Israel now has its hands on scalar interferometers. They are not hard to make and they are proliferating around the world. If the Yakuza can make them now will they sell them to terrorists? This is an amount of power that should never fall to the hands of some "single lone-nut." The scalar powers of the this new scalar era must regulated by common agreement among nations. Their destructive use in war must be banned forever. Such a war could destroy the earth itself. The People need to insure that these new superweapons are not used in a destructive way, but how can they even face this grave new issue when all is cloaked in the highest secrecy? Because of this dangerous secrecy, mankind cannot even tackle this problem of the proliferation of these scalar wave interferometers. The presence of these weapons on the earth is a planetary emergency. It will affect every one  of us sooner or later. The nations must be briefed on this new technology and sit down and face the emergency in a sane way. The choice for mankind, in 2003, is a matter of heaven or hell.

O course it is one thing for the nations to agree on a ban of scalar weapons in war, but another thing to expect participation by any of the rogue groups working outside any nation and on their own. They will not likely be signing any non-proliferation treaties. So the prospect of scalar terrorism is a very real possibility and dwarfs worries about Sadam Hussein getting even an atomic bomb. And the likelihood of rogue groups getting a scalar howitzer is probably more likely now than them getting a nuclear device.

In fact, when real terrorists get their hands on this know-how, and build their own scalar howitzers, all hell is going to break loose on this planet. All bets are off then because this new weapon is like Ex Caliber (King Arthur's sword, it cannot be beaten or overcome. They could literally "bomb" us back to the stone age for real, or destroy the power grid of the nation, or the electronics, or both. (For many of us the days before electricity WERE the stone-age). What if we had no electrical power for a year? What could we possibly do?

The only serious question about Sadam Hussein is whether he has scalar weapons yet or not. Or whether he is  about to get them. Because if he doesn't have them yet, he is no threat like the threat from a real terrorist who does have them. It is the parties and rogue groups that do have scalar weapons that we should be worried about. The damage one lone person with an interferometer is mind-boggling. Or an insane leader. What do we do then, Mr. Rumsfeld? Mr. President? Why are you not being honest about the REAL weapons of mass destruction, those hundreds of scalar interferometers out there, any one of which can be aimed instantly to right here, right on me sitting at my little desk? Aimed right at my house.

So the scalar war has already begun in these covert and invisible ways. For example, no doubt one or another of these parties has been  "spreading" the immune system of the populace with these devices for some time now. If a biowar is planned, by any party, including the Bush Cabal, then such scalar electronic spreading of the immune system would lead to much higher deathrates than otherwise.

With a scalar electromagnetic weapon it is possible to induce disease at a distance by causing to arise at that place a "quantum pattern" for that disease, what Bearden calls a "spacetime curvature engine," which causes the target human bodies to come down with that ailment. The operation called "spreading the immune system" lays down the patterns for, say, 12 diseases on a population, but ONLY at a very low level or "shadow state." The shadow state is when the body senses the danger of the disease impending, but has not fully mobilized against it. So the immune system is just barely triggered, stressing it and preparing for battle with that particular disease.  The result of doing this process for 12 "shadow" diseases all at once divides its effectiveness for any one disease, wears it out and makes the body highly vulnerable to any biological invader that might come along. So the up-do-date thing to do if you are planning a biowar is to pre-treat the population beforehand by spreading their immune systems in this way with scalar interferometers, greatly increasing the casualties.

So the scalar war may be going on now already in these various invisible ways. And there is no reason not to expect a psychoenergetics attack as well, probably covert, a direct violation of our personal mental psychological self, an intrusion into our minds on a mass scale. A psychoenergetic attack involves the scalar engineering of the longitudinal waves in the mind itself. In this mode the interferometers are capable of causing any desired thought patterns to arise directly in the minds of the people in the target area. It can be made completely unnoticeable to the targets, who feel that everything is fine. But thought-words can be made to arise in their minds. Feelings can be made to come over them like fear or panic, or a hypnogogic trance can be induced. An intention can be made to arise, to go do something, without the targets' even knowing that that intention is not their own, but being made to arise as their own. The possibilities are limitless from now on. So we will probably have an era of  "Thought Wars" to come, to look forward to. One can even imagine future American Jedi who go through extensive mental training to detect and be immune to the psychoenergetic scalar bombardment.

Above all the secrecy must end so the human race can realize the true situation it is in and face it. The secrecy around this new technology is one of the great crimes against humanity. One of the greatest crimes yet. For it is also technology which could transform the earth permanently into a earth of abundance, of plenty for all, with no poverty or starvation anywhere, with all people healthy via scalar healing devices, and with the means for humanity to begin its great journey out among the stars.