Book Review Part 2:
"Oblivion - America at the Brink" by Tom Bearden

This continues my book review of the book "Oblivion - America at the Brink" by scalar scientist Tom Bearden, which is available at his website . The book concerns the current high level threat to America and other western countries by scalar electromagnetic weapons in the possession of certain rogue groups such as the "old" KGB in Russia and the Yakuza group in Japan.

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Tom Bearden's "Oblivion - America at the Brink"
Book Describes Current Scalar Weapons Threat

Part 2

The discovery of scalar electromagnetics and the longitudinal waves in the vacuum of spacetime is a modern day equivalent of the ancient myth about "Pandora's Box." It is the discovery of an incredible boon given freely by nature which turns out to be a double-edged sword and which will test our species' spiritual readiness to enter a new era of the engineering of physical reality itself. It is what the mystic Gurdjieff called the "Heropass," the energy of time, the gateway to a higher order. Currently it does not seem that humanity is faring well in this test of possessing the keys to the kingdom of time energy. Rogue groups around the world have weaponized the zero point energy and are planning what I called "Scalar Wars" to destroy certain nations and eventually rule the world. If we fail in this test, a test which any species in the galaxy must face when its technology reaches this level, then we either go back to the beginning of civilization in a ruined world with a decimated population, or we wipe out all life on earth completely. Remember Nikita Khrushchev's warning about these weapons way back in 1960:
"We have a new weapon, just within the portfolio of our scientists, so to speak, which is so powerful that, if unrestrainedly used, it could wipe out all life on earth. It is a fantastic weapon."
Khrushchev, to the Presidium, Jan. 1960
The scalar weapons (longitudinal wave interferometers [ link1 ] [ link2 ]) have such a dazzling array of powers that it is difficult for people to believe they can exist until one realizes the utter profundity of the discovery of the waves themselves. Just as Einstein discovered the tremendous energy that was hidden in matter, the new discovery unlocks the tremendous energy that is hidden in time itself. Both matter and time turn out to be compressed energy (by a factor of lightspeed squared). Bearden gives a partial list of the capabilities of scalar weapons on page 30 of "Oblivion" which focusses on weather engineering especially, but which contains the following items of relevance to the threat to our centralized power grid (electricity) system.
o. The use of a more portable scalar interferometer to destroy the electronic controls of a normal or nuclear power plant from a distance is obvious. With nuclear power plants this poses the risk of a melt down. Electrical controls for pipe valves, etc. are also vulnerable; spent nuclear fuel rods are largely stored in underwater pools on normal power plant sites. If valves open and the water drains from those pools, the rods will heat up and a melt down or very hazardous venting of radioactivity can ensue.

The control systems for hydroelectric dams are deadly vulnerable to scalar interferometry attack.

Large electronic complexes such as switching and control systems, centralized control systems for power grids and substations, etc. are highly vulnerable to attack by longor short-range scalar interferometers.

Surges on the power distribution grid transmission lines can easily be accomplished by scalar interferometry at will, methodically causing great damage to the grid and emergency shutdown of most of its "feeding" power plants. As much of the grid as desired can easily be kept nonfunctional, as long as desired, by occasional repeats from a single long-range scalar interferometer. u. Any communications center or headquarters is completely vulnerable to attack and destruction by strategic or portable scalar interferometers. Since a scalar interferometer can also produce negative energy EMP pulses of extreme lethality in the interference zone, all centralized command and control systems are essentially totally vulnerable. As an example, our own future network centric warfare communications systems can be totally destroyed in a few minutes by only a few scalar interferometers, even by just one.
One can see the brilliance of the alleged KGB/Yakuza plan; it is asymmetrical warfare. Conventional warfare has been made obsolete by the new generation of superweapons. Modern life and our current standard of living is completely impossible without electricity. We have been shocked into that realization occasionally by power outages which last only a few days. Imagine a nationwide power outage of six months or more! Of course the KGB/Yakuza faction does not have a total monopoly on this technology and this new strategy is available to anyone who possesses scalar weapons.

U.S. Societal Polarizations Are Being Gradually Increased
In the next mini-chaper of "Oblivion" Bearden introduces a new factor in the coming scalar wars: psychoenergetics, the use of longitudinal EM waves to engineer and influence the human mind directly. Bearden believes the scalar weapons are already being used covertly in this mode to increase divisions and polarizations within our society by broadcasting waves (anger? hatred?) which set group against group.
However, for the first time in history, certain rather esoteric "mind war" FSB/KGB weapons are being directly employed to gradually and reliably intensify the societal polarizations in America- straight vs. gay, conservative vs. liberal, Republican vs. Democrat, one religion against another, one race against another, labor class vs. financial class, etc. The strategic objective is to increase and intensify the extreme ends of these polarizations, by altering the behaviour of certain leaders. With intensification, the polarizations will slowly become so fierce that, about two years from now, serious rioting and bloodshed massively spilling into the streets and cities will result in chaos, martial law, etc. and severe polarization and disorganization. In short, the society will be engaged in fiercely consuming itself. So far, the deliberate escalation of our societal polarizations by the new mind war and conversion techniques is right on schedule, as anyone can see now, and will increasingly see over the next two years. U.S. societal polarizations will continue to increase now that the election is over. Temporary conversions and fractional conversions of the minds and mind operations (and therefore the behavior) of selected leaders or prime movers in the various polarization areas are being used and will increase. This capability arises from the branch of energetics known as psychoenergetics, and such measures are now being used selectively to intensify our polarizations. Particularly see our giant briefing on mind war and conversions, in the second part of this book.
Psychoenergetic mind control is unlike anything you have ever heard of before. Previous attempts in this direction involved using ordinary transverse EM waves, but the longitudinal EM can lock into the mind's own functions because those brain/mind functions are already scalar EM in nature. Bearden has published an article on his website about psychoenergetics which he wrote for "Explore" magazine in 1999. He cites three cases of psychoenergetic testing which proved the principle.
Dramatic tests of the distant, total control over the mind and behavior of a person performing an intensive technical task (flying and operating an aircraft as a weapons platform) were conducted against Captains Button and Svoboda in 1997. A third test against Captain Hess in 1998 demonstrated total control of the autonomic nervous system as well. Those dramatic "suicides" were deliberate, high profile stimuli to see if our own intelligence analysts knew anything about psychoenergetics yet. The answer was a very resounding and clear "No, they are still ignorant of that area, they are very determined to remain ignorant of that area, and hence the nation is still deadly vulnerable to use of such weapons and effects."
In the case of Captain Svoboda she was targeted with waves which simply reversed the sense of up and down in her mind. She went up, and flew into the ground. See the slides about this at Bearden's website. Bearden fears that in addition to the coming attack on the power grids the scalar weapons will also be used in psychoenergic mode upon the minds of the population to basically make everyone simply go crazy, thus ensuring the total collapse of our society and its functions. A nation could survive somehow perhaps, without electricity, by reverting to a 19th century lifestyle, but not if people go nuts. Bearden paints this grim picture:
Added to assure that great economic collapse, there will also be a sudden and massive collapse of "group ordering and coherence" (GO) induced by massive conversions of "sleeper" inserted conversions and fractional conversions. E.g., by sudden switching conversion of massive numbers of key persons whose behavior instantly and dramatically changes all over the map, the order and coherence of any important group can be and will be devastated and lost, immediately. Our police forces may suddenly begin attacking our populace, while crews manning and operating our ICBMs, nuclear subs, and nuclear bombers "go crazy" and erratically start firing at our own cities, and at each other. And so on, in a society that has suddenly erupted into total schizophrenia. Throughout the U.S. and Canada, GO will rather dramatically become NO-GO, as all group coherence is lost and total chaos sets in, as in the two examples given..
With this added dimension of psychoenergetics we can begin to grasp how completely outmoded conventional warfare is. In the light of scalar weapons conventional war, like that going on in Iraq, is like the lumbering fight of dinosaurs. In other writings Bearden has pointed out that scalar weapons can eventually used the entire collective unconscious of the human race (which is an actual scalar electromagnetic "thing") to turn mankind into something like an "ant" society of workers and drones, a possibility too terrible to contemplate.

Insertions Far Exceeding Public Acknowledgment

Next Bearden discusses the topic of "insertions" by which he means nuclear (and scalar?) weapons already secretly brought into the United States by the old KGB. I'm puzzled as to why this is deemed necessary given the powers of the scalar interferometers and messiness of nuclear explosions.

Modern Asymmetrical War: The Scorpion Duel

In this chapter Bearden defines asymmetrical warfare as having two main phases: Insertion and Operations. Insertion means preparing by inserting weapons of destruction into the target country.
Instead of an identifiable single army on a single foreign battlefield, the terrorist foe's "vitals" are hidden around the world, in many places, and in many ways. Many of them - often the most dangerous of them - are secretly hidden right here in the United States, inserted during the insertion phase which has been ongoing for at least 20 years. In the U.S., we cannot "hide" our vitals such as refineries, pipelines, railroads, bridges, electrical power plants and long transmission lines, harbors, water supplies, food supplies, etc. Instead, we can only try to protect them against their certain attack, and try to limit the damage and destruction. The main target for the terrorists is not just our military forces, but is primarily our civilian populace and especially our national economy - which is particularly vulnerable by the rather simple destruction of our centralized electrical power system and its primary support infrastructure. The real art of asymmetric war is to first draw most of the targeted opponent's military forces out of the protected fortress and get them scattered widely in distant locations and distant struggles. By augmenting the distant resistance, this forces the targeted nation's military forces mostly to be deployed elsewhere, leaving the internal fortress itself much less protected, and thus making it highly vulnerable.
The last paragraph is chilling and brings to mind the huge proportion of American forces which are currently scattered around in Iraq and Afghanistan. Is the Bush regime unwittingly playing into a trap to remove the military away and out of the nation? Have the above mentioned psychoenergetic weapons been used on top officials including Bush to get them, against all other advice, to leave the "homeland" undefended? Many articles have been written about the fact that Bush seems to be suffering some kind of megalomaniacal mental illness. Is this "illness" being aided and abetted by scalar weapons in psychoenergetic mode?

Distant Military Actions: Necessary but Not Sufficient

Here Bearden addresses the fact that American intelligence and military do not seem to grasp the new realities of asymmetrical warfare and are proceeding along a path of "war as usual." But the new weapons have thrust us into a new reality in which old style conventional war is nearly irrelevent.
Indeed, as with every other strong and emotional subject, the subject of "asymmetry" in warfare is itself a societal polarization area. Typical "anti-views" simply downplay the very notion of asymmetry as being "nothing new or special" in warfare {lxviii}. As one reads such treatises, it becomes crystal clear that our own strategic planners and strategic theorists themselves are often confused, simply recasting asymmetric war into what has gone before. They are not factoring in such radical developments as the Yakuza's acquisition and use of scalar electromagnetic superweapons, or the dramatic change that occurs in the theory once full strategic U.S. destruction is a capability already in terrorists' hands, with multiple knock- out blows already cocked and waiting. And they certainly are not factoring in the stunning implications of mind war, conversions, etc. If one can disable an entire populace mentally, at a single stroke, one can use such "mind war" conversion switching to destroy any order in the society nearly instantly.
Asymmetric Warfare Simplified: An Overview
Here Bearden continues discussion of the "insertion phase" and "operations phase" of asymmetrical warfare. He says that the insertion phase against the West has been going on for two decades now and that the West has been completely "asleep" to it, and the three year "operations phase" has now begun. Ignorance of scalar weapons (and free energy) is the greatest asset of those entities which want to use the boon of scalar energy in order to destroy. Such entities will be the ones responsible for mankind's failing of the test we now face as a species.
The great advantage of the insertion phase is that it covertly prepares a great "barrage" where the "ordnance delivery to the exact target locations " has already been accomplished and its lethal effectiveness against the actual targets has therefore been assured in advance. With proper stealth and intrigue, the insertion phase can be accomplished slowly and at will, and without any extraordinary resistance being offered by the "sleeping" targeted nation or population!
A Few Questions to be Answered
Continuation of the above. One question Bearden asks is why the public has not been informed about the new superweapons. He goes back to William Cohen's statement, the only time any government official has confirmed the existence of these weapons.
In view of Secretary of Defense William Cohen's seminal 1997 statement, what specifically is the capability of the terrorists to cause those volcanic eruptions, weather engineering and climate control, and initiation of earthquakes? Particularly in view of anomalous quake swarms ongoing, and the disastrous 9.3 undersea quake on Dec. 26, 2004 that initiated the catastrophic tsunamis in Asia? What specifically is the nature of these strange "electromagnetic" weapons confirmed by Defense Secretary Cohen? What specifically are the counters to them, and specifically how effective are these counters? Further, why is so large a percentage of the government still unknowledgeable of this critical portion of the terrorist threat and thus totally unprepared for it? Why has the American public not been completely and adequately briefed on these confirmed terrorist developments?
He also asks why there is no government program to develop free (decentralized) energy systems to eliminate the vulnerability of our centralized power grids.
Why are they not conducting a massive Manhattan-type project for energy from the vacuum systems to totally replace the present centralized power system? The[re] is no other possible solution, once one recognizes that the centralized electrical power system itself is going in be destroyed with very high assurance, within about two years from now.
We must note that his phrase "about two years from now," written in 2005, means NOW, 2007.

The Ease with which Terrorists Could Obtain WMDs

This chapter deals with the increasing availability of various types of weapons of mass destruction, particularly as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union.
Actually, for quite some time, any funded terrorist organization that wished a copious supply of the finest anthrax ever made, and wished a strain already resistant to many of our treatments, could just go to Voz Island, pay the natives a little sum, and dig up the dirt in the appropriate part of the dump site, sack it up, and carry it away. Or pay the natives a bit more, and they would dig it up and sack it for the buyer. Wash out the dirt, and one would have all one wanted of the highest grade anthrax spores ever made. It's safe to assume that those terrorist organizations who wanted a copious supply of high grade anthrax already obtained it with relative ease.
A Simple but Lethal Strategic Strike with Horrific Casualties
In this chapter Bearden discusses the use of anthax as a biological weapon of mass destruction. He is leading up to the topic of using scalar weapons as "broadcasters" of virtual disease patterns in order to weaken people's immune systems as a prelude to a biological warfare attack.

The True Cause of Gulf War Disease
By use of scalar interferometry (as is possessed by the Yakuza) or quantum potential weapons (which the Yakuza does not have, but the KGB/FSB does), in advance of the attack it is possible to trick the immune system of each person in the targeted populace area so that it erroneously "detects" invasion by, say, two dozen different pathogens at once. This is done by simply placing the EM "shadow disease engines" or "shadow precursor engines" (in the virtual level just beneath quantum level) for those specific pathogenic conditions in weak EM radiation or in quantum potentials focused into t h e bodies in the area targeted. The immune system reacts to what it detects, not necessarily to what is actually occurring. Given this deliberate stimulation and the resulting alarming false detection, the deceived immune system desperately spreads its finite assets across those "detected" two dozen invading "shadow" pathogens.
The above technique greatly increases the effectiveness of any subsequent attack because the immune system is worn out by attempting to fight the shadow EM disease patterns. It has been working overtime uselessly.
This "spreading of the immune system" is what was deliberately done to generate the "Gulf War Disease" in some of our soldiers in the first Gulf War. The immune systems of our soldiers in certain areas - already weakened a bit by multiple vaccinations - were spread by hostile forces, as a test to see if our scientists and analysts recognized what was being done. [snip] Combining immune system pre- spreading with subsequent real BW attack will increase the yield of the attack itself by a factor of at least three.
Terrorism by Electromagnetic Biological Warfare
This continues Bearden's discussion of using scalar weapons as a "force amplifier" in a biological warfare attack. Testing of such waves in these modes ocurred long ago at the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. The Americans knew some kind of EM waves were being focussed on the embassy but did not understand that these were a new type of waves: longitudinal EM waves.

Unethical Release of U.S-Made BW Mycoplasma

Bearden talks about the biological warfare testing of mycoplasma organisms by U.S./Canadian researchers. It is of particular interest to him since he actually GOT this disease while in the U.S. army and stationed in Quebec in 1966-68. The mycoplasma nearly killed him and he suffers the ill effects to this day.
Perhaps then it is understandable that the present author has a very personal interest in that particular B W mycoplasma disease and that set of incidents, and in the continuing gross failure of the NIH to acquaint heart doctors in the U.S. of that nefarious program and what happened. Today there is a direct involvement of this BW-modified mycoplasma in a significant fraction of patents with heart disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, etc. Many of the citizens of the U.S. and Canada already have that BW organism infecting their bodies, like a ticking time bomb waiting to erupt perhaps many years later. To this day, very few hospitals and medical clinics are capable of doing the test that can detect the very specific type of BW-modified mycoplasma.
No Effective Treatment for Mass Casualties
The next chapter of "Oblivion" continues on with the discussion of biological warfare in relation to the new scalar superweapons. Here he introduces the incredible possibility to use scalar electromagnetic devices in reverse way to that described above, that is, to heal. Just as a virtual electromagnetic "disease engine" can be used to induce a particular disease in the human body, a specific electromagnetic "anti-engine" can be created to cure that disease. Thus scalar electromagnetics promises the means to cure nearly all disease on the planet if researched and developed.
As a further example of U.S. medical orientation, in 1998 the author, with a colleague, tried very hard to persuade the NIH, DoD, USAF, and other federal agencies to develop a portable unit for such EM mass casually treatment in a crash U.S. government program, to save millions of lives in the coming asymmetric warfare debacle. The EM mechanism proposed would have generated an amplified anti-engine for a specific BW-induced disease. "Pumping" the diseased body with opposing longitudinal EM waves will form amplified anti-engines to a specific disease engine in the stricken body. By then radiating the body with the amplified anti-engine, or simply pumping the body to produce the amplified antiengine, it overrides the actual disease engine, eroding away the disease engine and the disease along with it, and reversing the physical condition back to normal. Or, in biological terms, this is the secret of dedifferentiation of a diseased or disordered cell or cellular body back to normal cells and normal health. It is quick, it was thoroughly proven in France in the 1960s and 1970s , it was evidenced in Becker's work, and it was documented in the hard French medical science literature. Once developed, this would be a mass casualty treatment therapy far superior to anything presently existing, which could save millions of lives in the debacle now roaring down upon us. The NIH, DoD, USAF, CDC, and other federal agencies had not the slightest notion of what we were talking about, and we never got out of the "policy" section at NIH, even with the assistance of Congressman Bud Cramer. Not a single scientist in any of those government agencies cared a whit, or even called to discuss the proposal and its novel physical mechanism. Apparently none checked the hard scientific references we cited from the French medical science literature where the basic mechanism had been proven.
The following two chapters continue the discussion of biological warfare possibilities when assisted by scalar weapons.

Impact of Immune System Spreading
Impact of Smallpox Release The Grim Nuclear Problem
Here Bearden discusses the many nuclear weapons which "went missing" after the collapse of the Soviet Union and says that some of these have already been "inserted" in various hiding places within the United States. Returning to the Yakuza scalar devices he maintains that the 2004 earthquake which caused the great tsunami was directly induced by those weapons.
These are examples of the true state of affairs concerning the "War on Terrorism". The great battle of that war has already slowly started, with the zeroing in of strategic Yakuza scalar interferometers on the Yellowstone supervolcano (giving them a "single shot knockout capability against the U.S.), and with the subsequent Yakuza induction of the 9.3 seafloor earthquake on Dec. 26, 2004 that induced the catastrophic tsunamis in Asia. Presently additional U.S. volcanoes are active and rumbling, as are hundreds of seafloor volcanoes.
Harshness of the Terrible Decontamination Problem
Here Bearden points out the ability of scalar weapons to "dud" (render useless) all of our nuclear weapons in a very short time. That would be the very first step of a scalar war: destroy all the nuclear weapons right where they sit.
According to the present Yakuza/KGB/FSB and international terrorist plans, their actions are expected to reduce the U.S. to lying prostrate and helpless two years from now. With a U.S. nation in utter chaos and ruin, and economically already collapsed catastrophically, a touch-up with the FSB/KGB quantum potential weapons (the most powerful weapons on earth, but possessed by at least five nations) would quickly dud every nuclear weapon, ICBM, nuclear bomber, nuclear power plant, nuclear submarine propulsion system, etc. on the planet. The dudding could be achieved in about 10 minutes, although an hour or so seems to be allotted for it. This is "pulling the dragon's teeth and claws." The conventional strategic military power (ICBMs, nuclear bombs and warheads, and nuclear subs etc.) will be suddenly disabled and effectively wiped out, to exist no more. All that giant strategic apparatus will be just so much trash on the garbage dump of history.
Now we come to the grand finale of "Oblivion - America at the Brink." Bearden, in a terrifying scenario, now describes a scalar war against America. It seems like something out of a science fiction movie where there is not only physical destruction but masses of people stumbling around in a kind of terminal madness induced by the scalar weapons. George Lucas: Wake up! Your fantasies did not happen long long ago in a galaxy far far away! They are happening right now on planet earth! Alert the world and mobilize your Jedi warriers, now!
Further, the U.S. society will be enmeshed in total chaos from the intensity developed in its polarizations. The society will be massively spilling its own blood, fighting in the streets, as a result of conversions of the leaders of the polarization areas. In addition, massive "sleeper" conversions suddenly triggered en masse throughout our government leadership, scientific leadership, police, armed forces, large technical corporations etc., will generate a society instantly gone totally berserk. We shall see police attacking cities and civilians, armed forces attacking each other and the civilian populace, etc. The order in all organizations that is necessary for civilization to survive will suddenly have dissipated, never to return again. This is one way in which, by themselves, psychoenergetics weapons can totally destroy an entire culture or the entire Western civilization. At that point, with a U.S. in total chaos, the Yakuza gleefully plan to participate in the methodical destruction of the United States - the terminal part of the present Operations Phase. It will be a turkey shoot. The Yakuza will be freed to just blast away at will with their scalar interferometers, as they wish, to continue to the full destruction of the United States by destroying cities, infrastructure, and the entire civilian populace.
We will see the operational unleashing of this terrible plan, already just beginning l i n i n g the two years starting at the beginning of 2005, and gradually increasing in intensity, and finishing at the end of the second year with the catastrophic economic collapse of the United States. Once the economic collapse is complete and chaos is supreme, the sudden dudding of all our nuclear weapons, power plants, and nuclear propulsion systems will be the coup de grace that leaves us a hapless target. The rest of it is the turkey shoot, to simply execute us and finish us off. In the interim, we will see damaging volcano activity increasing, and very probably we will see powerful tsunamis striking both the U.S. West Coast and East Coast. If it were to somehow become necessary, the Yakuza will also trigger the Yellowstone supervolcano into violent eruption, destroying the United States and most of North America.
Summary and Conclusion
Finally, Bearden sums up the foregoing, starting with the things mentioned in the now famous statement by then Secretary of Defense William Cohen: the use of scalar weapons to induce earthquakes (2004 tsunami, Yellowstone) and volcanos (Cumbre Vieja, Toba supervolcano in Sumatra) and other possible target zones and weather engineering of hurricanes and droughts. Meanwhile, despite Cohen's rare statement, the Western governments appear not to have a clue.
At least publicly, this major change in the capabilities of the terrorists against the United States has not been analyzed or pursued by the conventional U.S. government agencies and their traditional support analysis agencies. Specifically, the U.S. Congress has not been adequately informed, particularly of the terrible mess that our decrepit old electrical engineering really is, and the consequences of not correcting it when our foes already have done so.
The secrecy of the so-called "secret government" of the United States has worked against it and nearly assured the total destruction of the West in the coming Scalar Wars described in "Oblivion - America at the Brink." It appears too late to avoid all this for we are entering into the time window of the overt attack and the total corruption rampant in all three branches of government makes any real preventative measures impossible. Neither Congress nor the military is facing any of these issues, either from stupidity and ignorance, the vast secrecy, the power of the oil companies and energy cartels, or even the mental distortions and entrancements of the scalar weapons in psychoenergetics mode.

It is above all the secrecy which is leading to our destruction.
That is why I consider Tom Bearden a true hero for risking to put all this information and the science of it out there on his website and in his books. I am rather pessimistic that we can avoid, if not Tom's scenario, then some similar scenario leading to all-out overt scalar wars which will signal mankind's current unworthiness to receive the incredible boon given by nature via the energy of the vacuum. The human "race" appears to be literally a race, a race between good and evil. Good and evil race each other through history to see who will get to this incredible technology first. If good gets there first then we have a chance to create a paradise on earth and a truly sustainable civilization. If evil gets there first then we inevitably destroy ourselves and go back to the beginning and are forced to start the race all over again. Was the mythical destruction Atlantis the ending of a previous occurence of this race? This human "race?"

[In the third and final part of this review we shall look at a few samples of the briefing slides which actually make up the main bulk of "Oblivion."]